Passionate about understanding the human mind and improving it.


Hi all! 
I'm Denise Disla. I started this blog with the intention to share my perspective on important topics ranging from, mental health, travel, and entrepreneurship. My journey has been quite interesting, from starting a business and eventually dissolving it, to graduating college with a degree in Psychology thinking that I would get my Master's and become a therapist until eventually that desire subsided after shadowing a few professionals. I then worked a job in sales that ultimately led to the realization that if your "WHY" is only to make money, then you will end up feeling unfulfilled. I decided to reflect on times when I felt purposeful... what was I doing? And how can I recreate that?
While running my business in 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with individuals from all over the world about their existing obstacles. My intention was not to completely rid them of their problems, but really just to shine a light on the positives in their lives that they were overlooking.
Everyday I woke up excited to do this.
Doing something meaningful made me feel so alive.
That's when Live Unchained was born. I made the decision to create something that would give my life meaning again while (hopefully) providing value to others.