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5 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Improve Your Mental Health Overall

It’s not humanly possible to feel good all of the time. You will find yourself feeling down and unmotivated some days and that’s ok. But don’t sulk in it. Generally what you are going through is not due to the situation but how you are perceiving it. Take a break, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do something kind for yourself. Below are some tips that I have compiled over the years that have improved my mental health overall.

1. Exercising 

    This is one that I find myself reiterating because I believe it to be so impactful on one's life. I can't even remember a time when I didn't exercise because it has so easily become a habit that can't be broken unless I really try to. Personally, I firmly believe that setting yourself in motion will change your mental state much easier than anything else will. There are times when I have found myself trying to read a book I love, hang out with others, or anything else that involves my full attention in an attempt to shift my mental state only to find out that it is short-lived. Exercising to improve your mood is something that is well-known and scientifically proven. It is a real challenge to continue to feel sad after a work out because your brain is actually producing 'happy chemicals' after a gym (or home) session.

2. Develop A New Skill/Hobby

   Often times when I am feeling a little down on myself, it is usually because I am relying on my current achievements in life to determine how good I should be feeling. This is partly because I am someone who is very much performance driven. This is not a healthy way to live if you strictly rely on your achievements to make you happy though. Finding a balance between the simple things in life and your victories is absolutely crucial because if you fail to do so, you will be miserable.
Point blank.
 It is normal to feel like you aren't doing enough. Humans are hard on themselves and are always wanting to do and be more. The need to want to do more is satisfied by mastering things that you thoroughly enjoy. Remember how good it felt when you finally learned something that was incredibly challenging in the beginning? Remember feeling like you would never master it and then voila, you can now teach someone what you have learned? Learning a new skill or developing a creative hobby is a subtle reminder that you have endless potential. And well, that is an instant confidence boost.

3. Avoid Alcohol & Other Substances

   It is very common for people in our society to turn to substances in search of relief when feeling stressed or overwhelmed but this usually ends up being counterproductive. This is not implying that anyone can cut their substance use instantly because there are people who do struggle with addiction and that is something that you must see a professional about. However, if you are someone who binge drinks occasionally after a stressful day or week, try cutting that habit out. Alcohol is a depressant which is kind of interesting to think about because people use it as a stress reliever when it does the exact opposite.

4. Practice Gratitude

   Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine and personal problems that we forget to take a second to remind ourselves of how grateful we should be. Taking a few minutes to write down a list of things that you are grateful for results in a subtle shift in your mindset. Whenever you are feeling down, frustrated, stressed, or any negative emotion for that matter regarding your life, practicing gratitude will change your perspective on things because it helps you to realize that things aren't so bad after all.

5. Relax

   Life can get hectic with all of the deadlines you have to meet, the family you have to take care of, and all of the late bills piling up. Rather than trying to figure everything out at once and working incessantly, why not just designate a day where you do absolutely nothing? Fill up that bathtub, throw a bath bomb in it and pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink, play some soft music, and shut your phone off. It's amazing how much more productive and at peace you are after dedicating time to taking care of yourself.