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Fears of Starting a Business

Today’s post is going to be about something I know too well and that is the things that hold us back from starting our own business: FEAR.
I can’t tell you how many years I have dreamed of owning my own business where I am able to create a product or service used by hundreds and thousands of people. 
When I was about six years old living in the Bronx, NY I wasn’t really allowed to hang out around the neighborhood because it wasn’t the safest place for young kids so I just hung out in our fenced-in yard. I was sometimes allowed to go to the corner store to get candy and snacks if I had the money for it. In order to get money for the goodies, I would sell my happy meal toys or even rocks I’d find around my house to neighbors for a whopping fifty cents each. 
Looking back on my life, I realized that the younger you are the more creative you are in finding ways to make money because you operate from a place of scarcity. It also helps to have more energy and that’s all we have when we are younger. 
The older I’ve gotten, the more apprehensive I am about every idea that I think of because I no longer operate from a place of scarcity. It’s more like, “That business idea could be cool but would it be worth it?” Annnnnd there goes that idea. Down the drain. Gone. Poof. Vamoose. However, there are a few more reasons as to why people fail to just start something and I have probably experienced every fear.
Below are some examples of some that have crippled me in the past (and still do).

1.       Fear of Failure

Probably the most obvious fear but the most powerful one that holds most people back. No one wants to fail, it isn’t fun. We are taught to always aim for success and that failing is never an option. For example, you weren’t allowed to fail in school because if you did you would get held back. Failing felt really awful and embarrassing but in real life it’s seen as a lesson. It’s an obstacle that enables you to reconsider your approach. Failing is inevitable, regardless of what you decide to do in life. You will experience some pitfalls that will require you to try again, over and over again. We will all suck at something at some point in our lives. So just learn to embrace it.

2.       Fear of Rejection

Have you ever thought of an amazing idea in the shower that you just had to share with a loved one because it’s just SO good? To only find out from them that the idea probably sounded better in your head… yeah that feeling stinks. I’ve had soo many ideas that I have shared with other people just to have them shot down, it can get VERY discouraging. However, I have noticed that if you have something that’s good that you TRULY believe in, you have to keep believing in it and keep feeding it because regardless of what some people think, there are THOUSANDS of other people who will love and support your idea/creation. So, GO FOR IT!! Even if some people think that it sucks.... because SOMEONE will love it J

3.       Fear of The Unknown

Starting a business is risky, you don’t actually know if it will be successful and yet so many people do it anyway. Having faith when starting a business is crucial, you have to believe that your hard work will eventually pay off even if it takes years. The unknown can be scary, you don’t know what’s on the other side. Could be success, could be failure but you’ll never know unless you jump right into it.

Deciding to work for yourself will be a journey, it won’t always be nice cars and exotic travel destinations. It’s going to challenge the crap out of you! You will experience sleepless nights, doubts, sadness, and loneliness but nothing worth it comes easy my friend. So let’s face our fears and create something amazing. I believe in you!

Below are some books that have helped me along my journey:

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. Start with Why
4. Tools of Titans
5. Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World