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Living With A Mental Illness

What creates a mental illness? Is it outside influences? Brain chemistry? The way we view ourselves? Or is it simply something that just happens to people like cancer? As the days progress I begin to uncover more and more reasons as to why I’ve experienced so many depressive episodes. I find that my upbringing contributed to it, my experimenting with drugs and alcohol, toxic people, and so on.

Some days I wake up feeling energetic and motivated while other days I am struggling to make it out of bed. There’s a subtle shift in my mood and my perception that I find difficult to explain. It’s as though someone has a remote control to my brain and they are constantly messing with the settings. I wonder though, is there more to it? It wasn’t just one thing that made me feel this way, rather a collection of events and experiences.

Majority of the time I am just searching for new ways to cope. The more I try the more I realize how much I have to do. Do we ever truly recover from a mental illness or are we endlessly working on maintaining a healthy mind? If it wasn’t only one thing that created it, why is there this belief that one thing can solve it? I think we should stop talking about illnesses of the mind as if we can magically heal them. Instead we should talk about how to always keep it at bay.

We should stop feeding this unrealistic dream to people that they can completely heal all of their problems. We don’t just wake up one day to find that everything has changed. Now, before you think that I am being negative, for a moment just think about your own issues and how difficult it has been to overcome them. Do you think that you can make them disappear somehow? Or are you endlessly trying to learn new things that will make things a little easier?

Life isn’t about solving all of your problems, instead it is about learning something new every day that will bring you closer to your dreams and further from the pain of your past. We are emotional beings who feel deeply and are susceptible to pain and suffering. There’s no magic cure for our problems. That belief alone will make you feel worse. When you begin to view your illness from a different lens you will begin to understand things that you didn’t realize before.

Simply waking up one day to do yoga is healing.
Talking to your loved ones about your irrational thoughts is healing.
Every small effort is healing.
One single thing won’t fix you.
Just keep living and keep trying.
Happiness is a journey not a destination.